The company Latro Mont d.o.o. offers comprehensive solutions with different systems of pipeline network in district heating, in the oil and gas industry, upon different assemblies as also welding work in refineries, thermoelectric plants, hydroelectric power plants, pharmacy, automobile industry; our focus is also on the assembly and disassembly of different industrial line ups.

Along with all the assembly work our company is also carrying out different maintenance and repair work and all the services for industrial machineries and appliances.

The professionalism of our company is reflected through our workers.

The welders have welding certificates for different procedures and different materials. Our pipe fitters have lots of experiences upon assemblies of different pipelnes and other projects and the locksmiths are trained to serve and halep our welders and pipe fitters.

Therefore, if some welding work has to be done, we can guarantee you highly qualified and trained welders with all the necessary certificates.

We are always following our clients demands and train our employees so that we can achieve the best possible quality of the products. The welders have valid welding certificates which have to be extended every 6 months.

Our welders have certificates for the following procedures:

  • 111 REO manual arc welding
  • 131 MIG welding of aluminium
  • 135 MAG welding process with common wire
  • 136 MAG welding process with full wire
  • 141 WIG black material
  • 141 WIG white material
  • 141/111 WIG/REO

The company is loyal to its values; the quality, reliability and the responsibility and this is also expressed through the quality of the projects and the satisfaction of our clients.