About us

The company Latro Mont d.o.o. was established in the year 2007 and since then it is very successful on its home as also foreign markets.

Latro Mont d.o.o. is specialized on the most demanding welding and assembly work upon different industrial and energetic objects. Our main focus is the assembly and disassembly of pipelines on:  boiler houses, boilers, thermoelectric plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, refineries, drying rooms, steam lines, gas lines, oil pipelines, pumping stations, transport systems and different scheduled annual repair work. As a team we are always following our clients' demands, therefore we put a lot of effort into different trainings of our employees to ensure that our work is always done with the best possible quality. All our welders have valid welder certificates for different material and welding procedures and those certificates have to be extended every 6 months. However, if our client demands that the welders have to have additional procedures, we make extra trainings with the welders for the requested procedure.

The constant development and the innovational orientation is very important for our company, therefore our motto is to be excellent in all aspects. We strongly believe that this is the best way to keep our clients satisfied and our company successful.

Since the establishment of the company and all up to today we have with our quality, reliability and an appropriate attitude managed to create solid business relationships in Slovenia as well as in Europe and all around the world. We are following our clear long term goals and the world's economic trends.